PVD is a thin film coating process with a high adherence applied through a vacuum deposition process of highly ionised plasma in a PVD machine, in which the temperatures can vary between 150° and 500°C.

The high temperatures allow to obtain coatings of high purity which are chemically inert and biocompatible.

Decorative hard coatings deposited by PVD maintains the original finish of the pieces, not changing its appearance and assigns it a controlled thickness between 0,5 and 1,5 microns. Their application allows to increase the hardness of substrates achieving a higher end-product.


Decorative hard coatings is applied by cathodic arc: is the evaporation of material to be deposited (which is in "targets") through a high-power electric arc. It involves the deposition of zirconium, titanium, chromium or other combinations of ionic metals with reactive gases.

The material deposited passes from the solid to the gaseous state condensed in consecutive layers on the substrate to be coated and form a thin film coating on the pieces.

It can also be applied by sputtering process: is the deposition of particles vaporized from a surface ("target"); the surface atoms are physically ejected from a solid surface by momentum transfer from an atomic-sized energetic bombarding particle which is usually a gaseous ion accelerated from a plasma. The presence of the plasma "activates" the reactive gas making it more chemically reactive and form a hard-coating film on the surface substrate.

- Steel   - Compatibility with food and medical surgery industries   - Table and kitchen Cutlery
- Stainless Steel   - More resistant than galvanic coatings   - Watches, jewellery and fashion accessories
- Brass   - Higher resistance to oxidation   - Bathroom accessories
- Aluminium   - Wear resistance   - Hardware for doors and furniture
- Zamak   - Protection against corrosion through chemical or thermal causes   - Decorative articles
- Ceramic   - Anallergic   - Instruments for medical surgery
- ABS Plastics   - Diversity and reproducibility of colours   - Electronic cigarettes
    - UV radiation resistance   - Weapons
    - Eco-friendly process and product   - Sports equipment
    - Increase the operating life of coated products   - Among others