It is an innovative technological process for the treatment of surface coatings through co-deposition of a highly ionised layer of PVD and an intermetallic lubricant with an extremely low friction coefficient (WS2).

The excellent results achieved with Metallic on cutting tools, reducing their wear and tear tenfold, are due to its tenacity, resistance to micro fissures, hardness to resist wear and tear by abrasion and lubrication which reduces the superficial friction.

Regarding the plastic injection mouldings, in addition to its excellent effect on the de-moulding process, Metallic protects the cavity's surface against wear and tear caused by bearing loads and highly aggressive adhesives, chemical effects of some resins and also marks on the steel resulting ignition of compressed gases in the closing area of the material.


2000 CrN   - Friction coefficient between 0.035 e 0.065
- Comprehended thickness between 3 a 5 µm
- Highest hardness up to 2500 HV
- Better protection against corrosion than chrome and nickel
- Temperature of use up to 650 ºC
- Does not change the surface finish of the articles
- Higher resistance to micro fissures
- Increases the resistance and diminishes wear and tear
- Protects against wear and tear due to abrasion
- Reduces surface friction through lubrication
3000 TiN  
3001 TiCN  
3002 AlTiN  
4000 ZrN