Prirev offers PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) coating solutions and a high-tech lubricant coating, the WS2 (Modified Tungsten Disulfide). 14 years later, we have the know-how and adaptation to our partners the needs and, through our integration of a set of associated companies, we offer a "turnkey" product with all complementary services.

As a strategic vision, we intend to be the most competitive company in the design and development of PVD coating markets. Our mission is make our customers and partners more competitive in their markets, through coatings with added value, quality, resistance and superior durability.

DenominationPrirev – Surface Technology, SA
Commercial Activities Treatment and PVD Coatings
Formation 5th March 2001
Location Vagos, Aveiro, PORTUGAL
Area 8000 m2 Total
4000 m2 Built-up




Strategically, we are a company oriented to provide B2B PVD coating services. Through a: Relational approach based on satisfaction, involvement and trust of our customers and partners,

- Daily search for quality and continuous improvement that different markets require us, and

- Training of our internal resources.


PVD is an environmentally friendly vacuum coating process who gives higher resistance, durability and quality for a high variety of Decorative and Functional products applications. It is an extremely thin film coating with high adhesion, highly ionized plasma deposited through a high vacuum chamber.

PVD provides a high hardness – six times higher than the typical hardness of steel and twice hardness of hard chromium –, with low coefficient of friction, chemically inert and wear resistance than other eletroplated/galvanic materials.


Located in Ponte de Vagos – Aveiro, its core business is plastic injection moulding for different activity sectors, with focus on the automobile industry. The group produces and commercialises under its own brand name MARLUX.
Established in 1996 - Cacia, operates in engineering and production and specialises in plastic injection moulding and injection casting of aluminium and zamak.
Established in Vagos, our company offer PVD coatings to diverse metal and ceramic surfaces in the decorative and functional sectors and apply the innovative WS2, a dry lubricant developed by NASA, in the 1970s.
Produces and commercialises articles under its own brand name with different finish – stamping, painting, sand or metal blasting, grinding. It offers services of aluminium and zamak injection.
The firm is headed to trading and installation of products, equipment and systems for agricultural irrigation purposes, maintenance and preservation of green spaces, industry and public constructions.
Established in 2015, located in Aveiro, is integral part of the Prifer Group. Is a company specialized in management and project development which provides fully integrated engineering solutions